A quality selection of before , during and after completion photos that showcases MIKES SIGNS & DESIGNS variety of skills.

Sleep City & Everyday Living

• Prepare, seal, undercoat and paint whole building.
• Design, mark out using scale drawings, hand paint with premium exterior Paint.

Carpet Court

• Store presented to us painted
• Design and install routered 3mm composite lettering and 3d L.E.D. illuminated logo.
• Install large format digital prints.

Enviro Pallets

• Paint out old tenancy logos
• Mark out logos and lettering using scale drawings
• Hand paint with premium exterior paint
• Logo 55 meters long !


• Office Gyprock Wall
• Shows complete process to hand paint a company logo across a large gyprock wall.
• Drawing , pencils , ruler , paint , complete, authentic  ….happy client !